The Big 3 with Coach Shaun Cook

Andrew Cohlmia '17

There is absolutely no doubt that coach Shaun Cook takes ultimate pride in his life, his sport, and his passions. Cook has been training as a strength coach for sixteen years and has perfected the art of powerful form and effective technique in the weight room. “I always have a need to be competing in something,” says Cook, and there is no doubt that this mindset has led him to becoming the elite athlete that he is today.

Coach Cook is a role model to many, an effective strength conditioning coach to others, and an awesome father, and husband. Cook claims that his biggest achievement in life is his little girl, “both my wife and I agree that she is one of our biggest blessings, and it I so rewarding to watch her grow and develop into who she is bound to be”.

Athletes who know Cook are fortunate enough to obtain lifelong tips regarding weight training, and are able to witness his unbelievable ability when it comes to lifting, and just holistic fitness concepts as a whole! “In life 20% of success comes from strategy, and the other 80% consists of mindful capacity.”

Coach Shaun Cook has made positive impacts on tons of peoples lives, and plans on continuing his practice by bettering himself, and others day in and day out!