Netflix Is More Than an App

Story by: Coleman Morris ‘20

Netflix is a huge world phenomenon that holds many options from something that allows you to have access to movies at your fingertips or even just something to put on while doing homework, to spending hours and hours binge watching your favorite TV show and saying to yourself “just one more episode”


“It’s my stress reliever. If I’m ever not doing something, I’m most certainly watching Netflix, it’s my go to” says Kaitlyn Weydert, a student at East High School.

With Netflix now hosting TV shows and even having there own Netflix originals they have left an impact on many people varying from young teens, to even adults.


Netflix never shys to surprise.

Netflix has been around for a while but has grown exponentially throughout its release in April of 1998.


The amount of subscribers went from 23 million in 2011 to over 130 million in 2018.

Netflix has become an addiction for many, there is an estimated amount of 37 percent of people in the world use Netflix.


It’s even a part of my daily routine, when I get home it’s the first thing I think about, “what show today.”

“I even remember in May of 2018, sitting in the library, people all around, and seeing my peers take  out our phones, and went straight to watching 13 Reasons Why season 2 the moment it was released to viewers.”

Netflix continues to capture people minds, but Netflix can also be a guide of some sort, or even of influence.

When asked how maybe Netflix has been an influence to you, Weydert said,


“Yeah there have always been a couple but the main one is 13 reasons why, I know that show has a lot of controversy but it talks about real stuff, and tries to flesh it out in the most realistic way possible. I have had instances where my friends and even me get in these situation where we don’t know how to get out of them, and we just feel stuck, but with these kind of shows, and this one in particular can be like a guide, and help you get through what your going through, or get you talk about some hard topics that need to be talked about, this show, and I know it sounds crazy, made me learn and got me through some hard time, it made me feel not alone. Like other people were out there dealing with the same kind of situations.”

But Netflix can even be as simple as something to just make you laugh or even a shed a tear

Walker Young a Junior at East High School said there was one show in particular that when going through some personal stuff, made him just laugh, and helped him open up to what was happening.

“When I was in middle school I struggling with who I was as a person, and I’m not gonna get into details about it but I watched That 70s Show because during that time, I just needed a comical relief, and for some reason that made me feel so like warm in a way, it’s hard to explain.”

Netflix can be something so simple, as just an app for you maybe to try, or something that truly helps you through anything you might be going through.

Netflix has revolutionized a lot of the way people watch media, and obtain media, and it continues to grow even today.