Head Swim Coach Nick Frasersmith Can’t Stop Winning

Head Swim Coach Nick Frasersmith Can’t Stop Winning

By: Nick Ames ‘21

Photo by Alexandria Pfeiffer ‘19
Coach Frasersmith checks his 400 freestyle relay lineup.

Ever since head Regis Jesuit Swim coach Nick Frasersmith was a young boy living in South Africa, he has always been interested in swimming. Wether it was coaching or actually swimming, Frasersmith wanted to do it. So he knew he wanted to continue his career in swimming when he moved out to Colorado.

Frasersmith’s coaching career began in the year 1980 when he was the assistant coach for Metropolitan State College for a year. Frasersmith said, “ This was my first real coaching job and I loved it so much, I knew I had to keep coaching.”

After this experience at Metropolitan State College, Frasersmith decided that he wanted to be more than just an assistant coach, he wanted a team of his own.

In 1985, Frasersmith started coaching at Regis Jesuit. He worked as the assistant coach to Mike Doherty. Along with being assistant coach he created two other teams called the Colorado Stars, and Riptide Aquatics. But his main focus was at coaching at the high school.

Since 1992 the Raiders have been unstoppable. They won the state championship in 92’, 93’, and 94’ but lost in 95, then won from 96’ all the way to 2014. When Frasersmith was asked about his favorite meet was he said, “Last year boys state championship or 2014 girls state with Missy Franklin.” Frasersmith said that the hype for these meets was just greater than any other he experienced.

Even if the team doesn’t win state, Frasersmith is always optimistic.

“ I always think there is a chance we can win state. Everyone on the team has to contribute and step up.” One reason all of his swimmers like him is because he believes in all of them.

Looking back on the 2018-2019 Girls Swim and Dive season, Frasersmith says, “Everyone did so well, but one person who really stood out was Jada.” Junior Jada Surrell-Norwood was one of Frasersmith’s swimmers who got first place at state in the 100 free. The team at went into state being seated 12 and got third overall.

Frasersmith won Coach of the Year with this year’s girls team which is a major honor for any coach to get and he deserved it more than anyone else. Not only has he accomplished so much just in this past year, but in his whole coaching career. Frasersmith has won a total of 25 state championships and 4 national championships with Regis Jesuit.

Nick Frasersmith has accomplished so much in his coaching career and winning has always been second nature to him. He hopes to continue coaching and keep on winning for Regis Jesuit and whatever teams he coaches for in the future. The Boys Swim and Dive season is off to a fast start with a win already.

“ I hope to make the school and any team I coach for proud to be swimming for me,” he says.

2018-2019 Boys Swim and Dive Schedule