Colorado Track & Field Changes for the 2021 Spring Season


Saj Sundaram ‘22

CHSAA 5A Track and Field has been postponed from the normal time, March to May, to Season D, May to June meaning they are running much later than normal. They also have many different rules and regulations on how the runners may compete.

The season is shortened and starts around when the state championship usually is. This means runners have much more time until they start officially racing and competing.

“Normally, the state track meet starts on the 18th of May and end on the 20th of May. This year, the state track meet starts on the 24th of June and ends the 26th of June, a little more than a month after state usually is.” –CHSAA

There are a couple of specific ways to start the race, compete, and end the races because of COVID protocol, and these help protect everyone from getting or giving COVID-19.

“You have to start with your mask on, then when the starter says on your mark, you can step up to the line and take your mask off. Then you have to put it back on after you finish the race,” said Head Coach Andrew Drysdale.

The new COVID-19 protocols also change how many people can run each event per team per event. There used to be unlimited amounts of entires into meets. Now we have far less.

“Events will fill up a maximum of 40 male and 40 female athletes.”-Colorado Elite Track Club

Many aspects of the sport are changing, but the main part won’t, and that is the ability to compete.