Kevin Apicella '18- Equestrian Rider

Learning how to ride a horse is not very difficult, but teaching a horse to jump through obstacles is something few can accomplish. Kevin Apicella competes in show jumping competitions. Most weekends during the school year, he spends his time competing against some of the best in the nation. Through his hard work and dedication to the sport, he has excelled in his competition.

Kevin loves to spend his time on the horse track. He calls horse riding “something I aspire to do”. His love for horse riding is something that started when he was very young. Ever since he first got on a horse, he fell in love. This love led him to start competing in show jumping, which is more difficult than it sounds.

Show jumping takes a lot of patience from both the horse and the rider. Kevin guides the horse throughout the course, while the horse jumps over every barrier. In order to win, the horse must go through the course without missing a jump and having the fastest time. Due to Kevin’s experience with the sport, “the difficulty gets a lot harder” when the height of the obstacles get higher. Kevin guides his horse using “pressure with my legs” to signal when to jump or when to turn.

The attire needed for show jumping is an important component of the sport. The outfits that are worn by Kevin while he rides makes the sport classy. Things like the bridal are girdle are used in order for Kevin to maintain his position on the horse while he goes over hurdles.

Kevin plans on continuing his show jumping career. He hopes to “continue horse riding throughout college”. His goal is to “go to the Olympics in 2020 or 2024”, which would show his dedication to the sport of show jumping.

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