Donate to Prom Dress Drive

By Caroline Linton ’21 and Laila Riedell ’21

Did you know that a prom dress can cost anywhere from $150 to $600? On top of that is the cost of the ticket, dinner, and whatever more is needed for a perfect night. Four years ago Mrs. Feik, Girls Division student activities director and P.E. teacher, recognized this and decided to do something about it. She, along with Mrs. Dwyre, Girls Division Nurse, organizes a “Dress Drive” every year, bringing Regis Jesuit girls a simple way to acquire a nice dress.

This Cadre sponsored Dress Drive is effortless. Just bring in a lightly used dress to the Glass Box before or after school this week. From there, you will receive a “coupon” that you can use next week during lunch to pick out a prom dress donated by other students and families.

As Mrs. Dwyre says, the Dress Drive is fun because it is “great to give back to the community in a way that only a girls division can.”


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