Girls Division Underclassmen Awards Ceremony

By Cara Williams and Ruth Woldemedhine 21′

This past Tuesday, May 1st, we had our annual Underclassmen Award Ceremony. Mrs. Kessler welcomed the ceremony with a prayer, and a reflection on the school year.

Mr. Card started off the ceremony with an award appreciating the following parents for supporting the school  with their time, energy and wisdom. The following five parents were recognized for their extraordinary help with all activities; Lesley Camilla’s, Barb Likos, Lucy O’Shaughnessy, and Marlo Wagner.

Following the parent awards, Merideth Feik introduced the awards for extracurriculars and clubs. “We are committed to educating the whole person and a full range of athletic, non-athletic, and service-oriented activities are offered.” Congratulations to the following students who were awarded for extracurricular participation:

Campus Ministry- Lauren Hanley

French Cinema and Cafe Club- Ana Kistle

Link- Ellie Hill and Molly Reich

Climbing Club- Natalie Skaggs

Diversity Action Group- Ashok Edwang, Agok Mabil, Molly Henderson

Drama Club- Elizabeth Hensley

Robotics- Bella Reddish

Sound Club- Antonia Taubr

Special Olympics- Olivia Hernandez

Raider Sports Network- Angela Serwaa-Marfo

RJTV- Caroline Soro and Kate Phillips

RJ Media- Olivia Bachmann, Sophia Marcienek, Maxine Fuselier

Speech & Debate- Maggie Dwyer

Mu Alpha Theta- Hana Kim

RJ Students for Life- Alexis Berry


Next, Mr. Williamson introduced the Freshman Awards. The freshmen who maintained an average GPA of 3.5 or higher were recognized. Congratulations to these freshmen! Earlier in the year, the Freshmen class voted for the teacher who they thought should receive the Cura Personalis Award. The Cura Personalis award is described as “it is presented to the faculty or staff member recognized for distinction in teaching,  passion for learning, care for each individual student, and dedication to Regis Jesuit High School. This person is known for challenging students not only to grow intellectually, but has always incorporated faith, spirituality, values and justice into his or her work with students, has exemplified the well-rounded individual, and has inspired students to be and do the same.” The freshman class awarded this honor to Ms. Hailey Johnson. Congratulations Ms. Johnson, and thank you for all of your hard work.

Mr. Reiser and Ms. Brown then presented the college recognition awards to juniors. “These awards all require that the student be a top member of her class academically, have a strong passion for learning, possess exceptional leadership abilities, contribute to student life here at Regis Jesuit, and actively participate in extra service endeavors. The selection process involves various academic departments, the counselor, the college counselor, and the administration”. The following juniors were presented with various awards from colleges and universities:

The Clarkson University Leadership Award and Scholarship went to Izzie Capra, who constantly challenges herself with leadership.

The Clarkson University Achievement Award and Scholarship was awarded to Amanda Porazzo for challenging herself academically this year.

The Dartmouth College Book Award was given to Molly Reich, who maintained an exceptional scholarly presence.

The Fairfield University Book Award went to Gianna Pacheco for being bright, caring, and innovative.

The Le Moyne College Heights Award and Scholarship was awarded to Rachel Fields for being a True Woman With and For Others.

The Colorado School of Mines Medal and Scholarship for Excellence in Math and Science was given to Erin Bailey who has a genuine heart for leadership and academia.

The Randolph College Award went to Ellie Hill, who is both a leader and academically strong.

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal and Scholarship was awarded to Megan Hilbert for being an outstanding student in math and science, and being compassionate.

The St. Lawrence University Award and Scholarship was given to Madison Morroni for being committed to both community service and scholarly achievement.

The St. Michael’s College Award for Academic Achievement with Social Conscience went to Rachel Hilbert for a special commitment to service.

The University of Colorado Outstanding Junior Award and Scholarship went to Lauren Hanley, for excellence in every pursuit.

The Society of Women Engineers also recognized three juniors who excel in math and science and distinguish themselves through their passion for learning. Congratulations to Natalie Christianson, Frida Hill, and Ella Bartt.

Next, seven juniors were recognized by the National Hispanic Recognition Program for their performance in the top 2.5% of Hispanic test takers on the PSAT and NMSQT tests. Congratulations to Gianna Pacheco, Ella Bartt, Alyssa Cordero, Clare Pauka, Frida Hill, Annika Schultze, and Isabel Macias.

The juniors who received a perfect score on their ACT and SAT were recognized next. These juniors are Francesca Belib, Claire Brennan, Ashlynn Carr, Natalie Christensen, Megan Dudzic, Lauren Hanley, Megan Hilbert, Ellie Hill, Sabrina Jain, Madison Morroni, Gianni Pacheco, Molly Reich, and Kara Toll.

Next, Ms. Lotito presented the sophomore awards. Congratulations to all of the sophomores to maintained a GPA of 3.5 or higher. The sophomores awarded their Cura Personalis award to Mr. Sean O’Dea. Congrats Mr. O’Dea and thank you for all of your hard work.

Next in the ceremony, the departmental awards were given. Congratulations to the following recipients of these awards:

Kristi Dindinger recognized Freshman Sophia Maines for the Scout Finch Award for English. She described her as positive, intelligent and humorous.

Katherine Ho was recognized by Brian Davenport for the Mary Shelley Award for English, and was recognized for her fearlessness, humor, and willingness.

Lastly, Gianni Pacheco was recognized by Cameron Turner for The Edith Wharton Award for English because of the natural aptitude she shows as an AP English student.

The Georgia O’Keeffe Awards for Fine Arts is named after their first true American Artist because of her unique imagery. This award was handed out to artistic freshman Victoria Van Nostren, outstanding sophomore Carly Behrendt, and hardworking junior Emalani Higdon.

Bernie Sauers presented The Clara Schumann Awards for Music to committed freshman Mary Garnsey, humble Molly Bowers, and exceptional junior Ella Bartt.

Mark Onstott recognized Julia Morrison for The Dionysus Award for Dram because of her collected presence within the light booth and her confidence in her designs within stage craft.

Jamie Scatenato recognized Caroline Linton for The Peg Kessler Library Award because of her love for books, libraries, and Regis Jesuit.

The St. Katherine of Alexandria Library Awards was presented by Jamie Scatento to voracious freshman Hewan Yoseph, sweet sophomore Carina Morroni, and kind junior Madison Marroni.

The Hypatia of Alexandria Awards for Math was presented by Leah Malm to critical thinker Sam Stevens. Annie Katz recognized sophomore Isalina Coleman for her unassuming grace and confidence she has sought to develop her knowledge. Lastly, junior Natalie Christiansen was recognized by her ability to be open to growth with an externally positive and grateful attitude.

Freshman Grace Weigand was presented The Mary Cummings Award for Science by Kimberly Haag because of her support of classmates, as well as her want to understand the details.

Sophomore Kathleen Wilson was presented The Marie Curie award for Science-Helen Brackney because of her dedication to science.

Junior Natalie Christiansen was recognized by Michael McLaughlin for The Vera Rubin Award for Science because of her unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Hailey Johnson presented Annie Tartell for the freshman St. Helena award for history because of her work ethic and bubbly personality.

Leslie Deidrich recognized Sarah Mourani for the Eleanor of Aquitaine Award because of her passion for all things history and her work ethic.

Lastly, Erin Casey was recognized by Kati Dorais for the Susan B Anthony Award because of her spirit, thoughtfulness and grace.

Mallory Champa recognized Audrey Bruening for the St. Catherine Award for theology because of her desire to learn about God. Alex Crane presented this award to Hannah Smith because of her understanding of Scripture. Joe Lagan recognized Grace Allbritten about her belief in the claims we study.

Audrey Christiansen was recognized by Megan Gorman for the St. Paula Awards for Latin because of her enthusiasm and eagerness. Olivia Pace was presented the award because of her keen understanding of the language, and Molly Reich received this award because of her eagerness to know more.

The Soeur Emmanuelle Awards for French was recognized by Régine Joulie-Kuttner with caring Brianna Gibson, consistent Madison Hoffman, and superb Mary Hilbert.

The Confucius Awards for Mandarin was presented to Tayunadra Woodward, Suhyun Kim, and Maya Matheny by Rachel Deffenbaugh because of their well sense in direction.

The Julia Alvarez Award for Spanish was presented to Samantha Dreiling because of her helpful demeanor, responsible Clare Davidson, and amazing Megan Hilbert.

Ellie Fox was presented the Kerri Strug Awards for Physical Education because of her readiness to participate. Sydney Essler was recognized because of her care and commitment for others. Paloma Cuan and Arzana Mora were presented this award because of their zeal for life.


Then, the juniors were recognized for receiving an average GPA of 3.5 or higher. The juniors awarded their Cura Personalis award to Mrs. Kristi Dindinger. Thank you Mrs. Dindinger for all of your hard work this year!


The Loyola Leadership Award is described as “The Loyola Leadership award is presented to Students Who Model the Values of the Regis Jesuit Graduate: Open to Growth, Religious, Loving, Intellectually Competent and Committed to Doing Justice. They were nominated and selected by the Faculty, staff and Administration.” Congratulations to the following recipients of the Loyola Leadership Awards:


Ava Bross

Audrey Christiansen

Bowen Colm

Kylar Cronin

Sara Higley

Maddie Proctor

Julia Reith

Sam Stevens

Annie Tartell

Avery Vansickle

Noemie Vitou

Grace Weigand

Ruth Woldemedhine

Sophia Wolf

Tayandra Woodward



Olivia Bachman

Susan Bahr

Katie Butefish

Isalina Colsman

Zoey Dale

Clare Davidson

Morgan Hicks

Sunaina Kabadkar

Carina Morroni

Matilyn Rogers

Angela Serwaa-Margo

Emily Smith

Hannah Smith

Isabella Stanley

Julia Thorne

Claire Vanderhart



Alexis Berry

Natalie Christiansen

Jaden Daher

Caroline Daly

Ashow Edwang

Hermilla Fentaw

Nana Fordwuo

Maxine Fuselier

Lindsey Glenn

Frida Gonzalez-Hill

Olivia Hernandez

Mary Hilbert

Megan Hilbert

Agok Mabil

Amber McBorrough

Meghan O’Reilly

Molly Reich

Anne Seier

Sidney Weigand

Congratulations to all of the Girls Division students and teachers who were recognized for their hard work and dedication this year. We had a great school year thanks to these students and all of the others.

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