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I take risks (within relative reason), like flying down Trading Post Road at Red Rocks on my longboard at 50+ mph, or speaking on controversial issues like LGBT+ suicide. I’m Alex Zoellner. I’m a Senior, and the editor-in-chief of rjmedianow.com. I’m not here to sugar coat, win awards, or make the higher-ups happy. I live to voice my opinion, spread the truth, and make a difference.

Every week on Fridays, at least one OP-ED will be posted on rjmedianow.com. This section is open to anyone with Regis Jesuit affiliation that wants to publish their own piece. Letters to the editor will also be available.

Submit your piece by 3:00 P.M. Wednesday to either rjmedia@regisjesuit.com with your full name and contact info, or come in and talk to us in room P102 in the Steele Center. A few basic rules and regulations are as follows: pieces should be no longer than 300 words and free from “bashing” or obscenity. The staff reserves the right to edit letters for potentially libelous material and length. For a full copy of the rules of this section, and the magazine as a whole, here is a link to RJ Media Student Editorial Policies.

For those who are unaware of a what an OP-ED is, allow me to elaborate. An opinion editorial (OP-ED) is an article that expresses the opinions of a stated author in an informal article. A “Letter to the Editor” portrays this idea, however, it is shorter and less authoritative. For quality examples of OP-EDs, check out The New York Times and Washington Post. For high calibre Letters to Editors, checkout The Atlantic.

I’m a Senior. I’m a voice for the voiceless. I’m a risk taker. I’m a zealot for the truth.

I’m Alex Zoellner.


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