Athletic Trainers, Higher Pay?


Athletic trainers have a key role in our athletic society, in such a way to keep our abilities and avoid from getting hurt when we play the sport that we do. These athletic trainers do so much for all athletes across the nation, yet get paid less than they deserve.

“Athletic trainers earn a median income of $45,620 a year,” according to Ashley Donohoe’s article. These athletic trainers have to complete a masters degree for athletic training education. For how much these trainers go through to help people, they should be paid much more. They are, in a sense, doctors who help prevent and heal athletes, and doctors get paid more money by a big margin. In our industry, these athletic trainers usually work in schools or at fitness centers.
These athletic trainers help so much in preventing a lot of injuries involving sports teams, whether professional or high school. These athletic trainers also grow in relationship with players and coaches. As a full time job, they should be paid more than they are.

Athletic training has gone up in the rankings lately. “With more people of all ages exercising, the job outlook is good for athletic trainers” (Donohoe). This creates more job opportunities and longer stints in the work force with clients. Longer stints with particular patient should soon result in extra pay, as they take time out of their day to create a better lifestyle for athletes everywhere. Depending on where you work, such as a school or a pro team, the salary that is given varies. A bigger salary is given to those working with a professional team than if working in another place. Overall, these athletic trainers work very hard to better athletes, which should equal more pay.

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