Juul, On The Hot Seat

By Alex Zoellner ‘19 and Danniel Bentz ‘21

In an article published by the Wall street journal, author Jennifer Maloney, speeks out on the Juul epidemic and how the product is deeply impacting teens. Thus, raising questions on the Juul situation.

One of Juul’s (the largest manufacturer of e-cigarettes) biggest claims is that, juuls offer an “alternative” for (adults) smoking cigarettes. However, in reality it is only marginally “better” for ones health than smoking cigarettes. In addition, it is primarily used by teens, and more often than not leads to its underaged users smoking ciggarettes as well as juuls.

But, what is the company doing to stop under age use? Nothing, as Juul is apparently only interested in making money, with no concerns as to the health, addiction, or legal ramifications of their primarily underaged users.

This ultimately has lead to multiple raids, and subsequent seizures, of legal, sales, and marketing documents at the Juul headquarters by the FDA. Their findings were less than pleasant, as the FDA stated, “The new and highly disturbing data we have on youth use demonstrates plainly that e-cigarettes are creating an epidemic of regular nicotine use among teens.”  

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