The Story of My Life: Mrs. Kelli Lotito

     Kelli Lotito joined the Regis Jesuit staff fifteen years ago and became the dean of students in the Girls division. Her charming personality and strong charisma help explain why she has been the dean for so long. Today, Lotito enjoys spending time with her daughter who plays sports and likes to stay active. Before Lotito’s daughter could live the life she does now, she had to fight for her life in a bodysuit as an infant. Mrs. Lotito remembers the story to this day.

     “When we took her home, she was in a brace. With her being under my ribs, her legs were up. So her hips were really lose. To fix this, they put her in a brace, and she had to be in a brace for two weeks… two weeks after taking her home, things got worse, they had to put her in a full body cast. It was hard, having a baby that was in a chest down cast. It was hard, because the first time we had to put her in a cast we had to spend the night because she was so young, but we shared a room with a little girl who had been in for multiple surgeries. When we thought the world was ending because our daughter had to be in a cast, God gave us the gift of saying that there are other people in this world that are having bigger struggles.”


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