Highlights from RJ Theatre’s Trip to MainStage at THESCON!

Story and Photos By Angela Serwaa-Marfo ‘20

After Regis Jesuit’s performance of Sister Act closed, we were invited to perform at the Bellco Theater at Thescon for the first time in our school’s history! Here are some great highlights from RJ Theatre’s trip to MainStage! We are very proud of all the cast, crew, and pit band for being able to step up to the occasion big time for this unforgettable performance!

Amelia Broderick-King ‘21 and Rachel Fields ‘19 working at the Sound Booth.
Isabella Stanley ‘20 and Sunaina Kadbakar ‘20 enjoying their time at ThesCon.
Dr. Leann Osterkamp poses in her Pope hat during the actors warm-up before the show.
Laura Klein ‘19, Peter Cane ’19, and Zachary Holland ’19 chilling in the Green Room
Kiara Frederick ’20 gives a thumbs up from the floor after doing a practice run before the performance.
Rachel Odle ’21 and Sofia Wolf ’21 strike a pose backstage with the programming for Thescon and their backstage passes.
A panorama of the Bellco Theater with the finished Sister Act set in its entirety.
Grace Keating ‘20 looking groovy with those glasses.
Ellie Hill ’19 and Daisy Deane ’19 laughing and waiting onstage for song call.
The Pit band set up backstage in the Bellco.
Emma Zarlengo ’21, Sofia Maines ’21, Mariana Barrios ’21, and Bri Gibson ’21 all pose on the couch in the makeup room backstage in the Bellco Theater.
A view of the backstage at Sister Act in the Bellco Theater. As one can see, it really was a mess!
Kiara Frederick ‘20 and Lily Haugan ‘20 hugging before the performance!
Kara Toll ’19 and Ava Bross ’21 hug after a performance well done.
Kara Toll ’19 and Isabella Stanley ‘20 also hug it out after a great performance!
Kenobi Kinch ’20 poses with his gun prop and inmate costume.
Aidan Mirkovich ’20,Savannah Orris ‘21, Sean Donovan ’19, George Whitenight ’20, posing for a picture on the Bellco stage.
A wonderful view of the night sky outside of the convention center in Denver, Colorado.

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