Nick Sangalis CSMA Broadcaster of the Year Portfolio

Play-By-Play and Commentary 2018 Sports Broadcast Reel

Play-by-play is my truest passion. I have long searched for something that ignites me and enlivens me the same way bringing an ordinary game to life does, but nothing even comes close. I love sports, and I think that I exude that love and inspire it in others through the art of play-by-play. My proudest accomplishment over the past four years has been my growth in this arena. Not two years ago I was noticeably nervous before every broadcast, afraid of what my viewers might think of me. Now, I have watched myself blossom into a confident projector of emotion and lively commentator of action, and have seen paralleled emotional growth in my announcing growth. Additionally, I have seen myself grow in my ability to lead and inspire others in our club. I tutored Sam Stern and Michael Manoogian, both sophomores, in their journeys as announcers and broadcasters. No doubt I have noticed Sam improve in his confidence and Michael improve in his storytelling abilities. All in all, I hope that this reel brings together some of these moments, and that you might feel as impassioned by high school athletics as I do.

Broadcast Splash Reel 2018 Broadcast Reel

This year, I have added a new passion to this mix: the story-driven side of broadcasting. I began anchoring the inaugural year of RJTV, our school’s weekly broadcast news and feature outlet, and have found myself surprisingly invigorating by creating and acting in a very watchable news source. As I do in all of my broadcasting, I want to convey the same love and passion that I feel to the audience. Here, I do so by finding creative ways to enliven pieces and excite viewers, hoping to establish a recurring audience. I also did a lot of work on pre-packaged content for our Raider Sports Network live covered games through pregame shows, which I have also clipped here. Through vigorous research and analysis, I believe that this shows an ability to encapsulate an audience with a more detailed picture of the event.

Reporter, Writer, and Producer School-Wide Scholarship News Feature 

One day, I was in the journalism lab working on a project for class, when I was stopped by a person of academic leadership and Mr. Dawkins, our club and department leader. They were searching for a person to interview several students as part of a project to encourage students to donate for financial aid, an operation unique to our school. Of course, always eager for a new opportunity, I accepted, and put together this piece. I believe that a lot of journalism is capitalizing on a moment when it comes to you, and not necessarily forcing one into fruition. That is the most genuine method to remain as close as possible to the truth: spontaneity. By conveying that spontaneity in an interview or a microphone stand-up, the viewer can find themselves immersed in the scene. And, frankly, it makes it more exciting and invigorating for the broadcaster.

Lead Play-By-Play Ice Hockey vs. Mountain Vista

However, this year was certainly not without its challenges. We faced many difficult technical difficulties and were unable to produce as many broadcasts with varied camera angles and exciting graphics, in some part due to some struggles with NFHS. Occasionally, I struggled to field a full team for broadcasts as many people did not honor their commitments. I remember a few years back, I dragged my sister to the Pepsi Center to cover our hockey team’s semifinal playoff game. She did camera because no one else volunteered, and I did play-by-play for a broadcast that, due to NFHS rules, could not go live. This broadcast above is another example of this same struggle. I was able to scramble at the last moment and find a cameraman to compliment myself and Jeron Johnson, another sophomore that I have worked with in his commentary abilities. I am very proud of this product because it reiterates that with hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm, adversity can be overcome and a quality product can be put forth.

Lead Anchor and Producer RJTV Weekly Broadcast Show

As mentioned briefly above, I have relished the opportunity to further my broadcasting skills this year. In order to generate a recurring audience and a quality product, we had to endure several struggles this year. Firstly, we had to solve our lighting issues. Our early episodes were riddled with a glare of green screen, or a overwhelming lack of light. In this, our final show of the semester, we had put those problems aside, and experienced a world of difference in our audience response. Secondly, we struggled to get our fellow classmates to actually watch. We experimented with different times to show it across our campus, and finally determined from the opinions of our peers the morning would work best. We also experimented with what pieces established the most interest, and where to put those pieces. I found that most of my classmates paid attention only if a comedy piece aired. Of course, I did not want to sacrifice the integrity of the factual pieces, and so it became clear that by putting the funny segments in the beginning of the show, enough people would still be interested in the following hard-hitting pieces. Here, all of our hard work came to fruition in this culminating episode.

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