Austin Williams ’18- The Man Behind the Lights

Lights are a crucial part to the production of a play, Without people controlling the lights the play would be missing a key component. Junior Austin Williams is one of these important behind the scenes members.

“I chose to do lights because I knew some people that were doing theater and they needed a spot lighter so I thought I would try it out and then I kept doing it.” Said Williams.
A lot of hard work and time is necessary to create these productions.
“We usually start preparing for the show a few months ahead of time and we work on figuring out where the lights are going to go and choose our colors and effects.”
Managing the lights isn’t the only fun part about William’s job.
“My favorite thing about being in theater is when we aren’t doing much work and hanging out with other people in theater.”
Austin has done a total of 8 shows and plans to do many more in the future.

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