NBA from the 303, Episode 1 and 2

Ethan Poland and Coleman Morris

December 16, 2019

by Coleman Morris 20' and Ethan Poland 20' Welcome to NBA  from the 303. This podcast by Coleman Morris 20’ and Ethan Poland 20’, this is the first NBA podcast here at Regis Jesuit High School, here we focus not only on...

Midterms at RJ

Midterms at RJ

December 14, 2018

Brack on Track – Best Artist of 2018 Part 1

April 23, 2018

A new podcast by RJ Media's Jake Colleran and Tyler Oldham. We will be creating and discussing brackets related to various topics, and we will decide who/what wins! This includes music, food, sports, etc. brackets. This episode will be part 1 of the "Best Music Arti...

Join The Nerds Corner Live Episode Next Week!!!

April 19, 2018

Hey guys this is Brooks Hauge with the Nerds Corner Podcast here to inform you guys about a live podcast next Friday after school on April 27th to prepare and celebrate 10 full years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the release...

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