Student media, Regis Jesuit High School

Student media, Regis Jesuit High School


Student media, Regis Jesuit High School



Elevate Student Magazine Mission and Procedures

Elevate is the student-run magazine for Regis Jesuit High School. It is a quarterly print and online publication. The magazine strives to produce objective, balanced, accurate, and thoughtful journalism that reflects the varied interests, talents, and viewpoints of Regis Jesuit’s students and staff. The Elevate Magazine Club is open to all students.

Elevate will seek the truth. Its staff will minimize harm. It will always be transparent. The magazine will amplify voices from within our community, our faith, and our mission. Elevate will listen to and share unique perspectives through the prism that contributes to the Jesuit tradition of intellectual and spiritual growth. It will provide a forum to examine important and relevant issues while also encouraging discussion and debate.

Bylined commentaries reflect the opinions of the writers. Unattributed editorials represent the opinions the magazine’s editors and its staff.

Nothing published either as an op-ed, editorial, or as a letter to the editor should be considered the opinion of the school, the administration, or anyone other than its author or authors.

An Elevate editorial is the opinion of the majority of staff editors on a particular topic.

A commentary or column is an opinion of one member of the Elevate staff, not of the publication itself. An op-ed, like a commentary, is the opinion of one person, often an Elevate staff member.

Letters to the editor are encouraged. A letter will be published only if it includes a name and a signature. Letters to the editor do not necessarily reflect the views of the magazine’s staff or of Regis Jesuit High School. Letters sent between Elevate’s quarterly print editions will be published online and then in the next print edition.

Elevate’s editorial board welcomes conversations with students, faculty, and staff. Any student can join the school’s magazine club; any student can submit stories for publication. All submissions will be reviewed by the staff and the process for considering publication will be evaluated using the same standards the staff uses for its own submissions. The magazine’s editors will withhold any submission that is deemed vulgar, tasteless, or is otherwise inappropriate.

Contact the Elevate Editorial Board at rjmedia@regisjesuit.com or at the RJ Media Lab (Steele Center-102). Online: rjmedianow.com Address: 6400 S Lewiston Way, Aurora, CO 80016

Reporters will always identify themselves as functioning in that capacity before an interview or a survey. It is not the staff’s intention to catch people in embarrassing or misleading questions or situations. Reporters will always identify the topic and purpose of the story and make sure the sources know that it will be published.

Staff will use the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm to help make decisions: context, experience, reflection, action, and evaluation. Staff will be mindful of the profile of the graduate at graduation: Intellectually Competent, Religious, Loving, Committed to Doing Justice, and Open to Growth.

When covering issues that have to do with Catholic teaching, staff will always reach out to the school’s Jesuit community and those in appropriate leadership positions for interviews.

The magazine will have clearly marked distinctions for news, feature, reviews, and opinion sections.

Reporters will read back quotations to sources upon request and sometimes by practice for clarification and will follow up with sources who wish to supplement their initial interviews or edit quotes, but it is not the practice to have sources read entire articles before publication. They will also follow up on anything that may be unclear or needs further explanation or comment before use in a story.

In the event of error (omission, misidentification, etc.) the Editorial Board will immediately post an online correction. The correction will be noted at the end of the story or editorial. The correction also will appear in Elevate’s next print publication. Every reasonable precaution is made in avoiding errors, but some amount of error is perhaps inevitable. Each case will be evaluated on its own merit.

Sources may wish to have their names withheld from a particular story, and some may have valid reasons for this. The Editorial Board will decide on a case- by-case basis whether anonymity may be granted to protect the source. The Board recognizes that a high school is a very confined community of young people, and that some topics, while important to the community, may involve public embarrassment and official sanctions if names are printed. If the only way to tell an important story is to grant anonymity, The Editorial Board may consider it.

Surveys and polls sent out on behalf of the Elevate staff must first be approved by the principal per the student handbook.

A majority staff vote is needed for an unsigned staff editorial to be published as an opinion of the publication.

Editors reserve the right to edit any submissions for publication to meet grammatical standards, but they will not do anything to change the author’s intended meaning. All submissions for publication will go through the same process the staff uses for its own submissions.

Letters to the Editor should be short and free of ‘bashing’ or obscenity. The staff will not edit letters for punctuation, grammar, and usage. Letters with major issues will be returned to the submitter for further review.

The editors reserve the right to correct gross grammatical errors in quotations if the source’s meaning will be distorted without such editing. Otherwise, quotations will be reported as stated by informed sources.

The publication will not publish any material that is a violation of copyright.

Staff will take their own photos and produce their own content. The staff may sometimes use photos from others with express written consent and permission or fair use and royalty free stock images, but only if they absolutely must. Those will be credited to the photographer with attribution specified by the permission of use.