Samsung VS Apple

There is always the constant debate on whether Samsung or Apple is better.  A lot of people own an iPhone and a lot of people own Samsung.  There are a lot of details that matter from the overall software of the phone to the looks of it.  Ziam Chadrom, owner of the iPhone X states that the “iPhone has a simpler and nice software.”  The debate on whether IOS 11.1 has helped iPhone’s sales can be highly debated.  However, with the release of the two new iPhones has led to there being more sales for Apple.  Ziam also talked about the the screen of the new iPhones being larger and much more clear because of the removal of the home button.  By having more screen, it is easier to maneuver around the screen.  However, many people do not like having to swipe up to go back to the home page.  The swiping motion has to be very precise or it will not got back to the home page.  Gareth Beavis from Tech Radar states that, “the iPhone X is all about premium parts and an all-new experience. It’s a huge gamble for the Cupertino brand.”  The gamble for the company was potentially going in debt.  The main reason that they would go into debt was because people would not want to get the phone for the very high price of almost 2,000 dollars.  A lot the time though, people are willing to spend that large amount of money for the newest product.  Beavis also states, “Losing key, reliable elements like the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, the home button; introducing new methods of navigating and unlocking the phone – and charging a lot more for the privilege – seems risky for a company that was already treading new ground by doing away with the traditional headphone jack last year.”  Taking another risk was something no-one thought Apple would do.  People are very disappointed with the gradual change of the iPhone.  However, Thomas Ricker from The Verge states, “I got to thinking how convenient wireless charging must be — something my Android friends had been enjoying for years.”  The benefit of the new design of the new iPhone is the ability to charge wirelessly.  Many people are frustrated about the amount of time that this took for Apple to add to their products.  On the other hand, Android has established this for a long time.

      On the other side of the debate, there is Android.  With the release of the Samsung Note 8, Android has had to fight in the market against Apple.  Kevin Barry and owner of the note 8 states, “that it has the ability to customize it.”  The main difference between the Android and the Apple is that you are able to make the phone look the way that you want it to.  This personalisation is a very big improvement for android and has caused for the common apple customer to switch to Android.  Android has been able to work with apps so that they can make custom wallpapers for their clients.  The new Note 8 has a current price of 997 dollars on the Samsung website.  Compared to Apple, that is an amazing price for everything that you get in it.  This is definitely something that the client should look at while looking for a new phone.  The new keyboard that Samsung has added to it has made the keyboard a lot smoother and also better with the spell check.  Brian Barrett from Wired Magazine states, “It’s everything you love about the stock Android keyboard, with a Google search built right in.”  The fact that there is more to the keyboard for Android is definitely something that is an improvement.

      Overall, Android has the best prices and software.  Based on the evidence that I compiled, we are able to see that Android has more to offer for a cheaper price. If you are looking to get the newest phone right now, the Samsung Note 8 is the best option to go with.



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