National Counseling Appreciation Week- Highlighting Our Regis Jesuit Counselors

By: Katie Butefish ’20 and Clara Masters ’21

This week, February 5-9,  is National Counseling Week and here at Regis Jesuit we have so many wonderful counselors to show appreciation to.

The School Counseling Staff Includes:

  • Ms. Dana Bauer
  • Mr. Nate Moeller
  • Ms. Kathryn Ames
  • Mr. Brian Merz-Hutchinson
  • Ms. Sheila Gustafson
  • Ms. Tami Hogan
  • Ms. Celeste Siade
  • Ms. Virginia Justis
  • Ms. Ginger Brown
  • Mr. Peter Reiser
  • Mr. Mark Heidenry
  • Ms. Christine Oliver
  • Ms. Beth Valdez

The College Counseling Staff Includes:

  • Mr. Mark Giesmann
  • Mr. Mike Delaney
  • Ms. Laura Hall
  • Ms. Sarah Hatfield
  • Ms. Monica Huggins
  • Ms. Bonnie Sanford

From the counselors in each division, to learning services, and college counseling each member of the counseling staff is an important part of the Regis Jesuit community. Our school counselors work constantly to help each student with any problems they may face, personal or academic. All of Regis Jesuit’s excellent counseling staff have undergone years of schooling and have obtained extensive degrees.

Each counselor is responsible for hundreds of students each year. Yet, they still always find a way to make a personal connection with each student. Even with hundreds of student to advise, the counselors responsibility goes much farther than just advising students; not only to they help the student body, but they also assist the staff and parent community of Regis Jesuit.

“(Mr. Reiser) will stop anything he is doing to help you. He is always available and I appreciate everything he does” -Cara Williams ’21

All of the students understand the extensive work, dedication, and extra time the counselors put into making the community a safe and welcoming environment.

Be sure to stop by the counseling offices this week and let your counselor know how much you appreciate all they do for the community.

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