By Beth Anne Richardson ’20 

“There was something that I could be offering, something more that had been gifted to me, that I needed to be gifting to the world because I think we are all called to do that, and if we’re not answering our gifts with service than we’re not living truly to ourselves.” Mr. David Weaver, a Colorado native, speaks about all of his diverse experiences, and how they have brought them to where he is today. Throughout his life, he has been a film major at Yale University, an opera singer, worked in the corporate environment, an English Literature and Math major at CU Boulder, and now is a math teacher at Regis Jesuit. “There is never a day that I walk out of here less energized than I was walking in,” he says. David describes Regis as a very unique place and education as a very personal thing. Furthermore, he explains how he had always been pulled back to school, and how being a teacher was always the first thing he imagined himself to be. To close he stated, “The whole world is open to you if you are open to the possibilities of the world.”


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