Varsity Hockey Receives 2018 National Bid

By: Abby Lico ’21 and Victoria Batuello ’21

Varsity Hockey recently received a bid to the 2018 Nationals, and have decided to accept.

“I am very excited to be invited to Nationals. It will be a good test for our team, and a good last tournament to finish our undefeated season,” defenseman #22, Justin Lico said.

Last time Regis Jesuit attended Nationals was 2015. Nationals will be held in Minnesota, the high school ‘hockey hub’ this year.

Varsity Hockey Coach, Dan Woodley, says ,”For our team to be able to go there and play in those hallow buildings in front of those people, who might not know about Colorado high school hockey, gives us an opportunity to prove the value and worth of our program here.”

He also thinks it will be very beneficial for his players looking to move forward in their hockey careers, and as a team on a national scale.

As excited as they are with their national bid, forward #16, Collin Walsh ’19, states, “We are even more excited to be seated first as we head into state, because we as a team have trained all year for state, and we look at nationals as a bonus opportunity.”

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