Deciding on a College? Read This First

By Aeden Price ’18 & Gabe Caldwell ’18

When you walk into the college counseling center, there is no shortage of information on colleges.

With the end of the year approaching, seniors are beginning to make their final decisions on which college they will go to. Between the size of the college, reputation, athletics, and many other factors, choosing a college can be difficult. Although many seniors have already made their decision or are close to making it, we interviewed a handful of students, and asked them what they were thinking regarding college.

After the interviews the freshman and sophomores were more interested in location and academics in Ivy League schools and well known state schools as compared to juniors choice of Government run institutions and California schools. Junior Caden Wagner said he didn’t want to go to college and would rather go “straight to the league (MLB).” From the uneducated perspective of the freshman and sophomores where it is and the reputation of the schools are the most important factors in their decision while the juniors are more focused on pursuing their own interests rather than appearances and reputation.

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