Do Something More: Our Regis Jesuit Lenten Journey

By Laila Riedell ’21

This past Wednesday, February 14, was Ash Wednesday, and it marked the beginning of this year’s Lenten Season. Lent is the forty day period anticipating Easter in which Catholics, through fasting, prayer, and almsgiving, are called to prepare themselves spiritually for Christ’s Resurrection.

On Wednesday, Regis Jesuit held an Ash Wednesday Mass for each division. In the Girls Division mass homily, Father Tom Rochford, SJ told us that this time of solemnity is not just about self-denial–we need to “do something more” this Lent. He said that we can do this in three distinct ways: having mindfulness, going to Reconciliation, and having an accountability partner.

“If you just think of Lent as this surface thing, you miss the opportunity to change,” says Father Rochford. He stresses the fact that here at Regis Jesuit, we need to make the decision to change ourselves in order to actually do it. We need to hold ourselves accountable and do something worthwhile. “It’s helpful to do something life giving,” he said.

In response to this message, freshman Sabrina Miklos says, “I liked seeing Lent in a different perspective. I liked that it was about how we didn’t have to give something up, but we could add something to make us better people.”

To help the Regis Jesuit community achieve these three things, the school is providing Reconciliation throughout these next 40 days. The Girls Division Pastoral Office is also providing a time in which students can push each other this Lenten Season as accountability partners. Go to the Pastoral Offices during the first 15 minutes of lunch on Friday, February 16 with a partner to receive guidance from the leaders of this school.

When asked what Lent means to her, junior Ava Hill says, “To me, Lent is a time to focus on prayer, really making a point to spend time reading Scripture and better myself. This Lent, I’ve decided to wake up a little earlier than I usually do and spend time reading the Daily Readings and reflecting on them. Waking up early is really hard for me, so I will definitely be needing a lot of God’s grace to help me stick to it!”

“At Regis Jesuit I can always count on the theology teachers and my girls in Fiat club to keep me accountable this Lent and help me go deeper in my faith!” Ava continues.

For those who don’t know, Fiat Club is a Girls Division club dedicated to growing in faith and community. They meet Mondays during lunch in Girls Division Room 112. This Lenten Season, they are taking the time to discuss how they encounter Christ in their everyday lives. All Girls Division students are welcome!

“Lent shows me how dependent I am on Him,” says Ms. Mallory Champa, Girls Division Theology teacher and leader of Fiat Club. “Our sacrifice points us to what we’re actually longing for.”

How are you preparing yourself for Easter this Lenten Season?

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