Freshmen Basketball Stars

By Isabella Marchiol and Erin McCormick ’21

This year three unfamiliar faces joined the Girls Varsity Basketball team. These freshmens, Grace Weigand, Avery Vansickle, and Sam Jones, rose above and beyond everyone’s expectations. The girls varsity basketball team is ranked number one in the state, being the only three freshman on Varsity is a huge accomplishment. 

When we asked Grace how she does it all she said, “It’s not really difficult managing my time, I always have time before or after practice. I’ve learned to manage my time playing lacrosse and field hockey as well.” 

This season has given all of them high hopes and something to look forward to. Vansickle said, “I’m so glad to be apart of this team and have the chance at a ring this year. They’re all such great players and I’m excited to see how we can finish off this season”. While many people would think there is an immense amount of pressure put on these freshman, there isn’t as much as we expected. “ Once I start playing I forget I am a freshman all the talk disappears and it’s time to perform”, Vansickle said.

These freshman came on to the team unknown, however, they’re finishing off this season recognized by many. Remember “control what you can, and let everything else go” (Vansickle).

Grace Weigand, Sam Jones, and Avery Vansickle.

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