Playing a Part in Inter-murals

By: Meggie Rasure and Chloe Martinet ’20

Every Tuesday on Red days the Boys Division population crowds the gym to watch their peers rough it out in a match with more lenient rules than your average sports game; intramurals. From the junior class, Luke Mitchell, Thomas Benedict,  Walker Fuller, and Jake Taylor gave us the inside scoop on what its like to be an intramurals athlete. Speaking about the teams rivalry the boys talked about how the competive aspect comes from within friend groups.

“There’s a rivalry between friends which then goes to the court so it starts within groups,” Benedict said. “Our friend groups are just really close.”

Although all the boys said that soccer was their favorite type of intramurals sport, they had other opinions on new options. Curling, flag football, kickball, and hockey just to name a few. Basketball is played in the fall, soccer goes all winter, and in the spring the boys play whiffle ball. Comparing basketball and soccer Jake Taylor describes how with “basketball, the atmosphere of the gym doesn’t reach what the soccer games hold.”

After every game the players on each team join together and choose their MVP of the game. “Luke and Harkins are the only ones that can dribble. I’ve never been chosen,” Fuller states. The Kats most frequent MVPs are Harkins Lord ’19 and Luke Mitchell.

By the end of lunch, the games end but the friendships within the teams stick. Come support your boys division teams during lunch every other Tuesday!

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