By Beth Anne Richardson ’20

“The community of Regis is more than just an academic community, it’s a family community.”

Ms. Megan Langfield, former student at Regis Jesuit (class of 2010), says she “felt called to be here” and is feeling very excited to be here teaching English at Regis. She saw  the potential of teaching while in high school. Ms. Langfield discussed the impact of Kairos and trips abroad in Belize and Zambia, and how she didn’t recognize it at the time, but she was in fact teaching and doing what she loved. Furthermore, she stated teaching truly is her dream job, and how she always feels fulfilled at the end of the day. The words “energetic,” “genuine,” and “authentic” come to mind when describing Regis in her words, and the whole point of teaching is, “Seeing the potential in my students when they can’t necessarily see it themselves.”

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