Ms. Virginia Justis- GD Counselor

By Beth Anne Richardson ’20 

“When I was in high school, I would catch myself thinking that if I was a high school counselor, I would be doing things differently.”

Ms. Virginia Justis, one of Regis Jesuit’s new high school counselors is very adamant about helping students discover who they truly are and using her life experiences to guide her. After going through three different colleges, and moving to completely new states, she found out her true passion is helping high school students with their problems. “A lot of the time, I don’t feel that students think that their voices can be heard. I believe very strongly in advocating for students and letting their voices be heard. I really do feel that you guys are the future of the country, and of the nation. Helping you all understand who you are as individuals is going to be able to make society as a greater whole better.” She later said,  “I just feel like this is a very peaceful and supportive environment to be in, and overall I’m really happy that I’m here.”

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