This week I, Brooks Hauge, King of the nerdy explore some very interesting programs that you should watch. I look at the recently released Voltron Legendary Defender Season 5 as the Paladins of Voltron and their allies continue with their battle with the evil galactic Galra empire and their leader Zarkon, with a new an unexpected ally, Prince Lotor.

Ever wonder who would win between Jack The Ripper and The Caped Crusader, well thats a thing now in the newest DC animated film Gotham By Gaslight. Batman is reimagined in Victorian England version of Gotham and has to face off against the most famous serial killer ever, Jack The Ripper, with a twist you can’t miss.

I also go over a film review of Marvel’s latest movie Black Panther in a part two for the movie. All of these are must see. Voltron is available on Netflix with all 5 seasons, Gotham By Gaslight is available online through many streaming services, and Black Panther is still in theaters so go get your tickets and feel free to go more than once.

Next Week: Power Rangers, The Ultimate time-traveling team-up. Shattered Grid. I’ll inform you on everything you need to know to prepare for this amazing event, featuring every team from Mighty Morphin to Dino Charge, In-Space to SPD, Time-Force to Hyper-Force and even some brand new never before seen rangers. Be sure to stayed tuned.

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The Nerds Corner Issue #3: Voltron Legendary Defender Season 5, Gotham By Gaslight, And Black Panther Review.

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