Top 5 Student Council Topics

By: Sara Higley ’21 and Katelyn Marshall ’21

1. Mission Week– with mission week coming up soon student council has been hard at work to prepare for the “Most wonderful week of the year” Freshman class representative, Sam Orris says. Mission week will be fundraising for our service locations such as Denver, New Orleans, Belize, and Nicaragua.

2. Principal Changes- The upcoming school year we will have one collective principal for both divisions. Both Ms. Kessler and Mr. Carruthers are stepping down and we are still waiting to fill the principal position.

3. Mr. Card talks discusses upcoming changes- Mr. Card recently came and spoke with us about the upcoming changes and what positions will be filled for the upcoming school year. He received our perspective and opinions of student council. He will soon talk to the student body as a whole.

4. T-shirt and sweat pants designs- For mission week we will be selling a wristband. With this wristband you will also receive a sweatshirt and sweat pants that you can wear throughout the week. Without the wristband you must pay every morning separately and will also have to buy the t-shirt and sweat pants separately.

5. Fundraisers- A great fundraiser we will be holding during mission week is miracle minute. You will have 60 seconds to get your donation to the bucket. We will have multiple buckets to fill so make sure to bring your donations during mission week.

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