The Speakers of Diversity Day

Story by Leah Sullivan ’18 and Isabel Bordewyk ‘18

To start off Diversity Day on Tuesday March 6, the Boys Division school principal, Mr. Carruthers, introduced this day by saying, “let us promote a generous hospitality, particularly today and always, of collaboration and good will.” Regis Jesuit High School is a school of opportunity that stands out from anywhere else. It allows students to put themselves out in the world and experience diversity first hand.

Our headlining speaker, Stephen Brackett, made a true impression on our student body. As he stood in front of hundreds of students and staff, he encouraged everyone to step up and make a difference as he announced that “we need you so dearly to be more brilliant, more innovative, and more compassionate than we have ever been, and we know that you can, and we know that you will.”

After this all-school presentation, the students broke off to attend a series of different workshops to give them further insight on diversity.We asked some of these workshop leaders to leave the students with a couple words about what they hope the students take out of such an extraordinary day.

Seeking Truth and Beauty Through Film Andrew Hyatt ’01
Andrew Hyatt shared with us the value in God’s plan, and that even the biggest obstacles are important parts of our journey. During his presentation he talked about his movie, “Paul, Apostle of Christ” will be released in theaters this month. Mr. Hyatt told the story of how his struggles and successes in life have lead him to directing this movie. “God has a purpose for all of us,” he said to students during his workshop.

The Gospel According to Chance and Kendrick Chris Kellerman, SJ
“Best thing is the whole opportunity to hear about different life experiences and backgrounds to expand our horizons and understand each other better,” said Mr. Kellerman. Through rap and music, Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar teach us a lot about who God is, and how these rappers want us to view him. Mr. Kellerman took us through the two sides of God and faith, and how the rappers’ different backgrounds lead them to the same place. They came to this same place through faith in God, and it is evident in their music if you listen closely.

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