RIP Vine

By Meggie Rasure and Chloe Martinet ’20

Last October the world’s funniest app was shut down. Six seconds was all one had to create something that could impact the world. People made millions off of “doing it for the vine” or went viral from almost dropping a croissant.

Here at RJ media it is our goal to keep Vine alive by doing a segment on the girl’s side called Vine  of the week. “Our goal is to make people laugh like some of the vine legends like Liza Koshy and David Dobrik” stated journalist Lauren Martin ’20.

Vine was more than just six second clips of people falling, it was a away for singers to be discovered. Singer,songwriter, Shawn Mendes was discovered by posting his music on Vine. He is now a platinum artist with more then 20 awards including an American Music Award for Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist and Shorty Award for Best Vine Musician.

Six Seconds was all it took to become a global phenomenon, Vine will be missed.

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