Students React To March Madness

By: Ruth Woldemedhine ’21 Cara Williams ’21, Tyler Kellam ’18 Caleb Meriweather ’20
This past Sunday, March 11th (also known as ‘Selection Sunday’), 68 teams were selected for the March Madness NCAA tournament. Some of the more popular teams include Virginia, Miami, Tennessee, Villanova, Texas Tech, Michigan State, Duke, Florida State and Gonzaga.
You can find a bracket and a full list of teams here

At the start of this tournament, we asked some RJ students and teachers who they thought would take home the national championship.

“Duke”- Brianna Gibson ’21

“Gonzaga”- Hewan Yoseph ’21

“Villanova or Virginia”- Ella Cheverny ’21

“Virginia”- Abby Lodes ’21
“Villanova”- Mr.Love
“North Carolina”- Mr.Dawkins ’98
“Duke”- Jordan Miller
“Kansas”- Clara Masters
“Gonzaga”- Cami Evangelista ’21
“Villanova or Virginia”- Stella Fitzgerald ’21
“Virginia or Kentucky”- Coach Taylor
“UNC”- Ms.Baldasare
“Villanova” – Florenzo Bauer ’18
“Virginia” – Nick Sangalis ’18
“Villanova” – Sam Stern ’20
“Duke” – Nick Smith ’18
“Gonzaga” – Jorge Paredes ’18
“Oklahoma” – Ethan Poland ’20
“Kansas” – Coleman Morris ’20
“Arizona” – Will Munro ’20
“Xavier” – Tyler Oldham ’19
“Miami” – Jack Christian ’18
Regis Jesuit is conducting their annual Library March Madness, which consist of two competitions- Bracket Blast and the 4 Tournaments, which is the Sweet Sixteen, The Elite Eight, The Final Four, and The Dance. The Top 16 books that were checked out from the GD library were determined and ranked, as well as matched up. Every student will narrow it down to who they believe will win, just like a normal bracket.
You can win two ways. The first way to win is through the Bracket Blast, which is predicting the winners for the whole bracket and if you are able to do this, then your name will be placed in a drawing for a $25 gift card. These were chosen this past Wednesday, and the winners moving on are City of Bones, Everything, Everything, Fault In Our  Stars, Red Queen, Court of Thrones and Roses, The Help, It’s Kind of a Funny Story and Longest Ride.
The other way to win is through the 4 tournaments. If through each round, you select all the winning books for a tournament, you are selected for a cookie coupon. When asking teachers who they thought would win The Library March Madness we got mixed responses.
“The Fault In Our Stars”- Ms.Scatenato
“Everything, Everything”- Coach Taylor
“The Longest Ride”- Ms.Baldasare

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