Fiat Club Serves Homeless on St. Patrick's Day

By Carina Morroni ’20

Pictured: Katherine Darcy, Emily Wrede, Grace Zielinski, Katie Anselmi, Mr. Aric Serrano, Carina Morroni, Madison Morroni, and Olivia Hernandez, making lunches for the homeless at the Jesuit Residence.

Many people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day — decked out in green clothes, drawing shamrocks, and going downtown for the parade. Last Saturday, March 17, a group of Regis Jesuit girls went downtown, but it wasn’t to watch the parade.

Fiat Club is an opportunity for RJ girls to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus by spending time together. They recently started a monthly activity where they make lunches and, as a group, head to the streets of downtown Denver to hand them out.

“Usually you just glance by the homeless and pay no attention to them. But this time, we were constantly seeking them out,” recounts Grace Zielinski, one of the juniors in Fiat Club.

Each time they offered a lunch, the girls took a few minutes to talk to the person they were giving it to. In this time, they heard the amazing and often heartbreaking stories of the homeless. But more than that, they were able to see that each person they served is a human being and deserves to be shown the love of Christ.

For these girls, St. Patrick’s Day was a day of service to the homeless of Denver, all while telling jokes, breakdancing on the sidewalks, and offering prayers for each person they encountered.

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