Students React; the Combining of the Girls and Boys Division

At this point in the school year, it is common knowledge that the girls division principal, Mrs. Kessler,  and the boys division principle, Mr. Carruthers, will be retiring this year and a new principal will take their places as one collective principal. Since the founding of the girls division in 2004, the boys and girls divisions have been two separate schools, but that’s about to change. The coming of a new principal, also brings change to our RJHS community. “I’m excited to see how the two schools will unite under the new principal and the changes it will bring.” Says freshman, Victoria Batuello. “I honestly don’t even really care.” says another freshman, Ruth Woldemedhine. “I feel like not much is going to change, it will probably stay the same.” junior, Eliannah Angel-Lucero. It will be interesting to see how the new principal will change the way our RJHS dynamic works.

Eleanor Turner and Macy Davis ’21

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