New Lunch Dynamics for Next Year

By: Ruth Woldemedhine ’21 and Jordan Miller ’21

For the upcoming school year, Regis Jesuit has hired a new catering company, Flik, which will change the designs of the cafeteria. It will also change the menus while still keeping the favorites, and the prices will be kept about the same or lower. During Mission Week, Flick came and gave out samples to some students, unaware that they were the new caterers for the upcoming year.

If you’ve ever been skiing, the cafeteria will have a similar format. There will be two buffet-style bars filled with diverse types of food from all around the world. They will take out the round tables to make room for the bars, and the cashiers. All the food will be made fresh in the kitchen every day. Some students have worried about losing Chick-Fil-A Wednesdays as well as our beloved cookies, and while we will cease to have Chick-Fil-A Wednesdays, the Vice Principal of the Boys Division has challenged Flick to make a chicken sandwich that is equal to or better than the classic recipe. The cookies, thankfully, will still be available for one dollar in each division.

This will not increase tuition, contrary to popular rumors. Every year tuition has gone up in order to accommodate the needs of teacher and staff salaries including raises and bonuses. President David Card ’87 believes there is a way to reduce the tuition increase to a 4% increase cap. In the next years, if the Flick catering goes as planned, the administration is considering making lunch a part of the tuition, which comes to about $5 each day of the school year. This would come to about an $800 increase for students.

Flick will offer a new “special” every day, while still offering the classics like pizza and salad. For six weeks, a new item will debut each day for six weeks, when the rotation repeats itself. Flick is bringing in new chefs to train over the summer, and has much experience in serving food to private high schools.

These changes were made in response to complaints about long waiting time, and to lack of nutritional value. Overall, students and staff across the board are excited for the change being made.

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