Regis Jesuit Security Is Now Armed

By Patrick Koenigs ’18

Beginning Monday April 9th, select security specialists at Regis Jesuit will be armed.

For the last few weeks of this semester, only one will be armed, with a second specialist being added over the summer for the 2018-2019 school year. These select security specialists must have served at least five years in police, military, and/or other security work. They are required to have passed background checks and psychological evaluations as well as on-going training and appropriate weapon certifications.

“The decision to arm qualified security specialists is one piece of a series of efforts spanning the last decade to ensure Regis Jesuit continues to provide an educational environment in which all members of our community are safe and protected,” the updated policy announcement sent out to parents and faculty said.

While it may seem reactionary to Parkland, the decision to arm security was made last April. After the Board of Trustees approved, Regis Jesuit’s Safety and Management Teams have spent the last year developing a “comprehensive plan for implementation.” 

President Card wrote in his announcement to parents that the decision was made after “gathering input from current parents, faculty and staff, working with local law enforcement, reviewing teachings of the Catholic Church and assessing the policies of other high schools in Colorado and Jesuit schools and universities across the country.”

Students were not informed by the school’s administration after the decision was made. As of now, armed security is not listed for students to see on the “Safety and Security” webpage on Regis Jesuit’s site or on the list of “Safety Improvements Implemented Since 2008.” An announcement was made to parents and faculty but students were not included on the update. Among the information sent to faculty and parents included a Frequently Asked Questions page about armed security at Regis as well as an address ( to send any questions or concerns. 

President Card defended sending the policy announcement to parents and not students, saying “our intent was to prompt a family discussion and in-school dialogue for students who wanted to discuss further.” He went on to say that the well-being of the student community “is at the forefront of all Regis Jesuit’s decisions and I appreciate the interest in learning more about how this policy came into effect.”

Faculty were previously asked about arming security while a five-question survey was set up for parents about safety at Regis Jesuit. As of now, no survey’s been set up for students. RJ Media is asking students about the issue informally down below.


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