Students React to Ellie's New Puppy

Niki on her first day home in her basket of toys.

As many of you know Ellie Turner recently got a new puppy named Niki. Niki is a black poodle and could steal about anyones heart, she is the sweetest little puppy you have ever met. We showed a few students some pictures and videos of Niki being her adorable self and here are some reactions.

“That is the cutest puppy ever!” says Cami Evangelista 21′.

Another freshman Bowen Colm “Aweeeeeee she’s adorable.”

We could tell Niki was clearly a fan favorite today. Ellie also has another black poodle named Olive, she is a very sweet dog and seems to be adjusting well to having a new furry four-legged member of the family. Ellie and her sister, Izzy, along with their parents are very excited to have Niki.

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