Students React; RJHS Gets a New Food Service

Our current RJHS menu that will soon change for the better, we hope!!

Regis Jesuit High School will be undergoing many changes next year. One of these changes is our food service and menu. In the past, RJHS had been it’s own food planner and proprietor but, next year that’s going to change. RJHS will be hiring Flik Independent School Dining who will assume responsibility for the food service program in August of 2018. Some students shared their thoughts about the changes to the food service program. Freshman, Bowen Colm, says “I don’t really care.” Another freshman, Cami Evangelista, says “I’m not too excited about the change, they made us try cookies and they were gross.” The new food service is also rumored to be more expensive and healthier, we will have to wait until next school year to see how it turns out.

Macy Davis 21′ and Ellie Turner 21′

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