Students Take AP Exams

By Laila Riedell ’21

From last Monday, May 7th, to this Friday, May 18th, more than half of the Regis Jesuit juniors and seniors and even some sophomores are taking AP exams. These exams range from AP Physics to AP Music Theory. Students taking these exams have to manage studying for these tests on top of studying for their normal classes and for their upcoming finals.

Junior Katherine Lemkau says, “It’s stressful, but we’re almost done with the year and we have a great support system at Regis, so I know I can push through.”

Even though these exams may be very stressful, they have many redeeming qualities–one being that students get college credit.

Junior Isabella Riedell says, “it can definitely be a lot of work, but in the process of studying for the AP exam, we’re also studying for the final. We really get the information ingrained in our heads, so it’s helpful. Also, I know that if I do well on these tests, it will pay off and I will be able to avoid a lot of classes in college that don’t relate to my major.”

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