Race to Read! Summer 2018

By: Bowen Colm & Cami Evangelista ’21

Over the summer, the library is hosting a Race to Read marathon. This competition begins May 26th and ends August 24th at 3:00 P.M. The route starts at Regis Jesuit and ends at the Mile High Stadium with two Broncos tickets this season.

All reading entries are only counted if they are submitted online, to this website.

“I love to read and I think this is a great opportunity to get some light reading before the school year.” Clara Masters ’21 commented.

Reading one book and participating in one cultural activity results in you being on the Honor Roll- which means you’ve completed a 5K Bronze Metal. Reading three books and participating in three cultural activities gets you on the honor roll and a drawstring bag- you’ve completed a 1/2 marathon silver metal. Reading six books and participating in six cultural activities gets you on the honor roll, a drawstring bag, ice cream, a t-shirt, and the chance to win two tickets to a Broncos game- this is worth a marathon gold metal.

You don’t just have to read hard copy books, you can read books online from the library for free and with no hassle! Here are some other websites as well.

Have fun racing! 

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