TOP 5 US States to Visit For Summer

Top 5 US states to visit according to sophomore Grace Keating 20’

By: Lauren Martin 20′, Meggie Rasure 20′, Chloe Martinet 20′

  1. Colorado- Home to some of the greatest mountain towns in the world and the top grossing city in the US.
  2. California- Known for its beaches and shopping in the southern part and the vineyards and cities in the northern part of the state.
  3. New York-This world famous city is known for its arts, views and shopping. Grace Keating says “she loves the sights and the bustling city vibe.”
  4. Florida- This coast state is best known for its magical theme park, Disney World. Grace Keating says, “she loves the feeling of being at Disney World and it was one of her greatest memories.”
  5. Washington- This state best known for its lush forests and its moving city. It’s famous Pikes Market Place is a “great experience that no one should miss,” says Grace Keating.


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