Educating the Younger Generation: Our Environment

If we educate the younger generation about respecting the environment, our future could be bright. Offering environmentally beneficial opportunities for the youth can inspire them to improve the world they live in. The environment’s overall sustainability relies on our upcoming generation.

The younger generation is the key to producing a prosperous future for our society. Keystone Science School offers a short intensive program/camp that educates high schoolers on the importance of water conservation and water purification. Being immersed in the actual process of water purification inspires young students to protect our environment. Taking steps like these all across the world will guarantee a healthy future environment.

These educational opportunities for kids reach a wide range of schools, making it accessible for everyone to become knowledgeable about the declining state of our environment.

McKenzie Weed, a teacher in the RJ Science Department, stresses the importance of our environmental impact. She teaches an Advanced Placement Environmental Science class in which she inspires her students to be mindful of their environmental footprint and explains how to reduce this.


Seniors Olivia Stordahl and Katie Shanahan on the Senior Hiking Retreat. This Retreat is a day dedicated to nature- absorbing the scenery and learning about one of Colorado’s National Parks

A few Regis Jesuit students were questioned about the setting at Regis and how it affects their environment. One of these girls is currently in Ms. Weed’s Advanced Placement Environmental Science. This class is entirely dedicated to the Land, Water, and Population- as well as how these aspects of our ecosystem function. She provided responses to questions surrounding what she does to benefit the environment and spreading the word to other schools. Bianca Abbott ‘19 talks about getting other schools involved in the educational movement.

“If everyone took care of their OWN trash, then there wouldn’t be any litter anymore.” – Bianca Abbott ‘19

Another Regis student, Mallory Sullivan ‘19, expanded upon what she sees around our campus that can be improved.

“In the PAC(Performing Arts Center) there’s always a lot of trash laying on the ground. Also, the lunch tables always have trash laying on them and we need to start picking up our litter.” – Mallory Sullivan ‘19

A third student, Isabella Song 19′, focused on the perspectives we create for other schools.

“We need to lead by example… When we have away games we need to clean up after ourselves.” – Isabella Song ’19

Our students around Regis are conscious about our impact, but only a few of them urge others to act upon what they are actually thinking. We need to encourage brave voices and courageous leaders to inform our student body of the impact we have on not only our local environment- but our global community as well.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) advocates for all these things the Regis Students explained. Their mission is to protect human health and the environment. They are adamant about educating our community their mission According to them, “protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility and starts with understanding the issues. The basics include reducing how much energy and materials you use, reusing what you can and recycling the rest.” This agency was ultimately born out of the concerns regarding pollution and they now have limited control over what laws go into action.

Our community at Regis, although a minuscule portion of the world’s population, can make a difference. It’s possible. Through resources like the EPA, classes at Regis, and the Keystone Science School, we can work together to clean up our campus and its environmental output.

Individuals like Bianca, Mallory, and Isabella can be leading examples for other Regis Jesuit students. They suggest practicing small everyday habits that can better your surrounding environment: using a reusable water bottle, carpooling with others, bringing reusable grocery bags, and keeping track of different systems around your house. Although the larger picture of purifying our world seems daunting, the Raiders can handle it.

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