Chasing Excellence: A Preview To The 2018-19 Boys Basketball Season

By Coleman Morris and David Burnham ’20

“We have the talent to win state, obviously, but that’s just a part of the picture. We have to be together, and survive through the ups and downs. Hang in there, and control adversity. If we are together, we can overcome the small little hurdles that come in our way. I think if all those things come together, I think we have a chance,” says head coach Ken Shaw. 

Craddock gets some warm up dribbles in during practice.

Once again, Regis Jesuit basketball has a stacked roster for the 2018-19 season. Some say they can go as far as winning state with there new and improved roster.

The 2017-18 season was a major success, but with the team losing a lot of their senior leaders, they have a lot to rebuild this year. However, with some of the younger players returning and the new recruit from Northwest High School, in Nebraska, they have the ability to fight for state.

At the start of the year, however, the Raiders weren’t ready for state. Jamil Safieddine, who played basketball all three years at Regis Jesuit, had informed him of his decision to leave Regis Jesuit. Jamil, according to Shaw, “(He) added a lot to our team because of his presence, his passing, his shooting ability, and most importantly his teamwork on and off the court.”

Coach Shaw leads an after school team practice.

At that point, the outlook of winning a state title was bleek, for the 2018-19 Regis Jesuit basketball team. With big seniors like Sam Bannec ‘18 and Elijah Martinez ‘18 graduating and Jamil leaving, morale was at an all time low.

But, Jamil walked through the hallways, two weeks into the school year, ready to attend his first period class.

Sam Stern, like everyone in the school, was surprised “Seeing Jamil walk through the halls with no one knowing he was coming back was crazy. This sentiment was commonly felt throughout the whole school,” said Sam.

“I don’t think they could win state without him.”

With Jamil back, the team has hope, but one player can’t do it all.

There is a new face on the team, Travier Craddock, Junior transfer from The Northwest Huskies in Nebraska.

“This place felt like home.” says Junior guard Travier. After he left Nebraska, he quickly decided to attend Regis.

He was 100% bought into the school right from the get go Shaw said. Travier wanted to be apart of something big.

But transferring to a new school, from a new state, isn’t always easy. “It took some getting used to because I didn’t know anybody here, and when I tried to meet people they said ‘Oh you’re the transfer from Nebraska.’ and I felt like that’s how I was labeled before I made new friends here, but they really welcomed me. Now they know I am a regular normal kid,” said Travier.

Craddock works on his free throw during team practice.

Travier loves to be on the court, it’s the game he knows best. He’s played the game forever. Sure Travier puts up the stats, and is a player of quickness, shooting, and defence, but most importantly, he’s a great teammate.

You need to have honorable players, to have a well built team.

“If there are guys that just aren’t good guys, I mean it just makes it trying at times,” Shaw states

But this is the opposite of this team.

“When they’re are good people, you enjoy coming to the gym every day and seeing these people, and that’s what I have experienced with this team,” says Shaw.

This team has heart, chemistry, and an overall brotherhood.

With star power Travier Craddock, an agile beast, Sniper Jamil Safieddine, this team is poised to be one of the best Raider basketball teams in the history of the school.


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