Denver Nuggets’ Uprising


For all you Denver Nuggets fans out there, your wait is almost over. The Denver Nuggets’ rebuild is almost complete, and this team has created noise all over the league.

    For five seasons, the Nuggets couldn’t get a taste of the playoffs, and fan bases called them “irrelevant.” Now starting the 2018-19 season, the Nuggets are making big noise across the league, and the nation. Their front office has been almost flawless, getting us great pick ups, both veterans and young players with high potential. We drafted potential top 5 pick Michael Porter Jr. He fell to us because of his spine injury in college. He’s a proto-typical version of Kevin Durant, he is a player every team dreams of having. Also, the Nuggets acquired former Celtics star Isaiah Thomas. A real sensation two years ago, competing against Lebron and the Cavs for the Eastern Conference Championship. He will bring a competitive edge to the team, along with much needed leadership.

    When talking about Denver’s stars, you have to mention the ringleader of the show, Nikola Jokic. Jokic was selected by the Nuggets in 2014 as the 41st pick in the 2nd round, and as we all can tell, he was the steal of the draft. He’s considered a top 10 in the MVP running as of right now, which makes sense since he had a triple double in one of his first games this season. He brings a new breed of a big man that the league has never seen.

    We also have Gary Harris, the Nuggets best two-way player. Harris has been coming in clutch through tough games, and being our most consistent player. He was a big reason we beat the Warriors, going off for 28 points, having a 4th quarter explosion. Harris is the player to have in crunch time.

    Who could forget about our young star Jamal Murray? He is the guard that absolutely shined under Coach Calipar. He’s been regarded as one of the best sharpshooters in the league. He’s an amazing scorer, there is nowhere he can’t score from, from the paint to beyond the arc. He’s been in a scoring slump these past games, but with good reason. He’s been ill, and fighting some minor injuries. So once he returns to 100%, expect the high volume scoring to come back.

How could we talk about this rising team without the young second unit? With aid from Malik Beasley, Juancho Hernangomez, and veteran scoring of Isaiah Thomas, this second unit will be a scary sight to face.

    The Denver Nuggets are now 7-1, having their best start since 1948. They are ready to wake up everyone who slept on them, or doubted them. This team has a chip on their shoulder, they are a team full of underdogs, and these dogs are ready to bite without barking.





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