Woodley and His Successful Past

What has made Regis Jesuit High School’s hockey program so successful? Regis has been a dominant team for many years. RJ has won five state championships, four National Championships, and has produced players that have gone to play for junior hockey teams.

The head coach, Dan Woodley, has played a major factor to the team’s success. Woodley is a former NHL player and was drafted the seventh pick in the first round by the Vancouver Canucks. Woodley is familiar with playing at a high level and this helps him to be a successful coach.

Woodley has incorporated a very dominant style of play to the program. What might this style of play be? It’s Passing! Woodley’s philosophy is “When I was growing up I was always taught that the puck moves faster than the other team”. This style is so affective because it is more of a “teamwork” style of play instead of relying on a couple players. This style works so good because it also connects with the brotherhood. All of the players create and unbreakable bond with each other.

The players also have a lot of respect and trust in Woodley, which helps Woodley’s success. Sergio Padilla said, “Woodley cares about everyone on the team and wants everyone to improve. He gives tips to players on how to enhance their game and gives ideas on how to score or defend. He is a very smart and knows the ins and outs of the game. Woodley makes hockey one of his top priorities and is committed to the game”. In conclusion, because of Woodley and his coaching, Regis Jesuit’s hockey program has been very successful.

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