Victor Guzman and the STEM Center club

By: Zac Robinson ‘22

Freshman Victor Guzman, also known as “Garth” to most, is an interesting person. Garth is a primary member of Regis Jesuit’s STEM Center club. According to the Regis Jesuit website, the STEM Center club is a club where the students use the 3D printers in the Boys Division as well as the in the Girls Division to create different projects for school or for other personal means. It also helps the students interested in learning in 3D printing to teach them how to use the 3D printers, as well as that they also help students on using my them.

Garth goes to club meetings Thursdays at lunch. A regular meeting for the club includes a wide variety of activities. Recently the club bought parts to build a computer, so that is what is on their main agenda at the moment. This computer is supposed to be a beast that will help with the processing of the virtual images that gets sent to the printer.

Garth’s interest in 3D printing comes from his background in engineering as well as his interest in coding. For around six to seven years Garth started to code and build different things, such as websites.

“I started coding with Khan Academy and from there I went to JavaScript and creating Minecraft mods, to HTML which is what you use to creat different websites,” Garth says.

Garth attributes these things to him, interested in being a chemical engineer. He liked the coding and programming aspect of 3D printing, “a reason”, he said, to join the club. As well as that he was also interested in printing something for his own person project that he would not tell me, no matter how much I persisted. The only thing currently that has been printed by Garth was a boat. The boat he printed out does not have to much significant value to him as it was just a test on how he could print things and how it worked.

“I am not entirely sure if or if not we have anything planned, but I bet that the seniors are working on something for us as a club to do. I am excited to see what they can put together.” He says.

Robotics is another interest of Victor’s because of how programming intensive the tasks are when the members need to put everything together, and to make everything do what it is supposed to do. Garth plans to join the robotics club soon, because of the similarities it has to the STEM Center club.
Garth standing in the PAC
By Zac Robinson ‘22


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