FRESHMEN: Fabiola Belibi Makes Varsity Track and Feild

By: Sierra Bajek ‘22

Deep breath in and out. Focus on the win. Nothing else matters right now. Focus.’BOOM’

Taking off Fabiola Belibi starts off in the lead. No other racer could even compare to how fast she’s going. Almost everyone is still behind her except for number 113, they’re coming up right behind her, neck and neck. The finish line is only 20 feet away. Fabiola pushes her very hard and pulls back into the lead at the very last second and wins the race.

“I visualize everything I’m going to do right before I race.Then during all i see is the finish line and me crossing it,” Belibi said.

Fabiola Belibi has been running only for the past 10 months and every day continued to work hard. She has many favorite parts of running but she would have to say her absolute favorite is the feeling of winning a race or getting a new personal record. It’s all of her hard work finally paying off and it just pushes her even more to keep doing better.

Fabiola Belibi class of 2022
photo by Sierra Bajek ‘22

Every racer always has those big wins and big losses. Fabiola Belibi has encountered many of those. Her biggest win was when she was in middle school eighth grade year. She was set up on the blocks and when the gun went off, she tripped on her untied shoelace. Stumbling to stay upright she finally got back onto her feet and started running. She was slowly gaining up and passing the other racers. Every person she passed she made this face of excitement because she was one person closer to being in the lead. The last 100 feet of the race Belibi had one more person to pass. She pushed with all of the little strength she had left in her and pulled ahead in the last second .

“ it was the most nerve racking this that I have ever experienced,” Belibi says.

Stepping up the game, Fabiola Belibi is trying out for Regis Jesuits track and field team. She’s got the quick feet to make the varsity team. February 18, Belibi has time trials to try out for the team.

“ Belibi get a fire extinguisher, because you’re burning up the place,” says Coach Taylor.

Belibi smiles at the exciting comment Coach Taylor makes on her running. Taylor gives her a thumbs up as she continues run.

Belibi is ecstatic when she hears the news that she has made the varsity track and field team. She can’t explain how hard she worked to achieve her goal. Her peers have noticed her determination and everything she has put into this moment.

“ While running for Regis Jesuit i want to influence others around me to work towards their goals and to never give up,” Belibi says.

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