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Lizet Ramos ‘21

Daniel Montes smiling as he thinks about going to practice.

	Daniel Montes is a junior at Regis Jesuit who is also an athlete that is involved with track and field. The only event he is focusing on is throwing discus and shotput. He did not want to be involved at first, but when his friends recommended him to join during his sophomore year, he started to consider. He has now been throwing for two years. He made varsity during his sophomore year, the spring season of 2018. 

	His goal this season for 2019 is to break his personal record from last year, which is to throw the discus and shotput farther in distance and improve his form/technique. Montes has had a lot of challenges in the past. He has struggled with focusing on form, mechanics and gaining distance while not losing form. His goal is to at least throw 110 feet in discus and 40 feet in shotput for this upcoming season.

	“Throwing excites me because I like to be apart of a fun group of people, I like being able to meet new people, and I want to try new things,” Montes states.

	His worst meet was embarrassing. He screwed up his form, the way he threw, his distance wasn’t very far, and he hit the cage. At his favorite meet, he hit his max record in distance. His farthest throw for discus is 90 feet and his farthest throw for shotput is 36 feet. 
	“I like practice because I don’t have to run as much and the coaches are awesome,” Montes says.

	For the most part, he still practices and workouts during off season. Montes puts in all of his best effort during practices and meets. Every meet he attends, he tries to accomplish his goals and that doesn’t always happen but he does his best and will continue doing his best. 

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