Student media, Regis Jesuit High School

Student media, Regis Jesuit High School


Student media, Regis Jesuit High School


Matthew Bornhorst: Broadcast Portfolio

Lead producer Matthew Bornhorst, right, along with Raider Sports Network Crew Nick Sangalis, Kyle Schwulst, and brother Sam Bornhorst. 

Fran Belibi: Above the Net

In this piece I was able to combine much of the skills that I’ve learned during my time as a broadcaster. Usually as an editor I was only sitting behind the computer this is my first time actually writing and doing the voiceover and editing and shooting everything for this video. I was able to approach this video from so many different angles because being at the same school as a basketball star in seeing this much attention, media attention specifically, it was interesting to see what I could do with this story what other news organizations couldn’t.

RJTV 2017 Ep. 1:

This video was a studio show that I produced for RJ Media, in a broadcasting class. Being part of a more experienced team allowed me to take on a leadership role with compiling and creating a timeline for the show and setting up all of the elements to work together. I helped in the studio and made sure that all of the clips were put in the correct order and helped direct the episode.

Freshman Retreat Video:

This video shows my voice over capabilities. Being friends with the makers of that video, I was asked to do the VO for that video. It was an interesting role for me to take on because I was playing more of a character, in the fact that I was narrating as a cheesy documentary person, and at times, the voice. This wide range of voices I was using was a great opportunity for me to see what I could do with VO.

Mission Week Commercial:

In this video, our broadcasting class was tasked with making a video showing the events in a school-sponsored “fun day” for the upcoming week. It was shot quickly and needed to be edited within a day or two, so it was an interesting situation where I needed to be fast paced with my editing. I was able to explore options with creative editing, by basically making it as cheesy as possible, drawing inspiration from local tv commercials and old monster truck promos.

RJ State of the School Address: Town Hall Event

This was a fairly important event for our school and was important to have it live on time. We were expecting people to tune in and ask questions to the leadership of our school via twitter so it was important to allow them to hear the answers. This presented a problem, though, working with NFHS about the many technical problems we have encountered working with new equipment.

Haselden Construction- State of the Company Event 

This event was similar in style to the State of the School address in its scope, but much higher profile with it being a business with many people who couldn’t make physically to the event, and capturing it for the company. Working with Haselden we encountered issues with the audio being pick up because of a different sound system so we needed to find the alternative solution, that being going to a God mic instead of hooking into the sound system. These types of broadcasts provide unique challenges as opposed to sports because although they are simpler in nature, they have a different skill set than sports which is how I started broadcasting.

Photos from Horizon

This was a unique event to cover. Our Girls basketball team, who was ranked 11th, made it to the quarterfinals. We weren’t allowed to broadcast the game, but we could still cover for our media. Although I wasn’t versed in photography, I took this as an opportunity to try my hand at photography and took photos for media. Being there on the court with our team pulling out an upset and capturing the emotions by our team in this heated was a really powerful moment for me.

Ice Hockey vs. Creek:

This is what I became a broadcaster to cover, a heated rivalry between the top two teams in the state. Being behind the computer that game, it gave me a different perspective on the game, and hearing our announcers call the game in real time was a great experience. We were able to get this broadcast going well beforehand and have multiple cameras set up to capture it from different angles. However we only had one cameraman, so to make it work and also get the shots we wanted, we set the camera so that it only showed our goal to capture them with a tight shot. This ended up working really well and in a great comeback, we got some great highlights to use because of it.


Girls B-Ball vs. Ft. Collins:

Going into this game we thought it was going to be fairly mundane and a way for us to test out a multi-camera setup in a gym. I started out the game doing Play-by-play announcing and controlling the switcher, but when our main cameraman left, I was left to do both the switch and main camera by myself, which had controlling the camera with my hands and the switcher with my foot and paying attention to three camera inputs.


Football vs. Ranch:

Football games this year were a lot of fun to cover, but provided some new challenges. We set up right on the track and with limited cables, our cameras could only be so far from our computer. To try and get the best possible angle, we would set up a 20′ telescoping tripod and have to manually pan without any zoom, this was challenge to set up the right shot from far field to right next to our table. This was also our first game having multiple cameras and having that second angle especially with a fixed zoom camera allowed us to show the game in an infinity more interesting manner. Although I wasn’t able to follow the football team into their great run because I was playing on that team and got moved up for the postseason.

Other games

Broadcasting sports, in general, is what I love doing this all. I have done everything from producing, which is what I do the largest amount of times, to commentating to camera. I love being a part of the game that I’m watching and sharing that with the world. All of these games are just small samples of the variety we broadcast. All of these present their own unique challenges because it can never go right the first, something you learn doing broadcasts, but problem-solving is the only way through and another reason why I love doing this.

Other notable games:

Football v Mtn. Vista

Girls B-ball v Mtn Vista

Boys/ girls b-ball v Ranch
Girl’s Link:
Ice Hockey v Ralston Valley

To view the games on NFHS- use the code: Raider1617 when making an account