Anders Erickson Furman Lacrosse Commit


As the 2017 lacrosse season is coming to an end, Anders Erickson is still a top player to watch through the next year. Anders has worked and worked his entire life to play college lacrosse when his dream finally came true.

Anders got lacrosse scholarship to play at Furman University. Anders tells us about his personal career and how he was able to gain a lacrosse scholarship. He tells of how much he family has helped him through the years to be able to play college lacrosse.

Anders explains how he was growing up watching his dad play lacrosse and how he fell in love with the game. Anders started playing lacrosse when he was five years old and hasn’t turned back since. Anders has excelled in the sport and trains constantly to achieve his dreams.

Anders father played lacrosse in college and had Anders start playing lacrosse. Anders instantly fell in love with the game and has trained constantly to get a college lacrosse scholarship. Anders explained how his parents gave him everything to be able to play lacrosse. They would make sure he got to ever practice and tournament on time. They made sure he would challenge and push him self to achieve better goals.

But what makes Anders challenge himself is very different. He challenges himself to get better to win and win state championships. Wanting to be the best player on top, Anders drives himself to be better than others to win state championships.

The summer of sophomore year Anders really became interested in college and believe he could play at that high of a level. Anders made sure he was at practice every day and even if there was optional practice or work outs, you could be Anders was there working harder to achieve something great.

Anders college scholarship didn’t just come to him. He pushed himself over the years and years to excel past others and to be able to get recognized by colleges. Anders will graduate in 2018 and then will be off to Furman University to start a new chapter in his life.

Who knows where Anders will end up next. We may see him on Tv in the future.