STUDENTS REACT to Diversity Day 2018

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By: Fiona Deck ’20 and Delaney Howell ’20

This year is Regis Jesuit’s 13th annual Diversity Conference, held here at Regis Jesuit. On March 6th, students were immersed in many different activities and workshops, ranging in topic from homelessness to gender diversity and learning about different cultural backgrounds. This year there were more than 90 different workshop options with many new presenters as well as some we have had in the past. Students were asked to get involved and jump out of their comfortzones to create a stronger Jesuit community through learning more about diversity. The theme for this year was “Stronger Together” and the students at Regis have definitely applied this theme to our Jesuit community. Here are some opinions from the students here at Regis Jesuit on the topic of the 2018 Diversity Conference:

“It was fun learning about new cultures and it was very interesting to be able to hear from Regis alumni” -Hayley Cook ’20

“I thought it was really fun, the end performance was a little bit weird but it was a good time” -Maurzy Toole ’20

“I thought it was so much fun and I think it is so important, especially now, to focus on the different types of people we have in our community and to realize that no matter what, we are all human” -Isaiah Henry ’20

“Diversity Day was really fun and it is important for us to learn about other cultures and people” -Jalie Albrecht-Reed ’20

“Diversity Day was overall excellent until the closing ceremony. I don’t like how Regis defined “diversity” as just African music and hip hop, where is the European or Asian music? They should incorporate all types of music if it is true diversity” -Dom Khong ’20